TIP #4 Everlastings and Fertiliser

Soil nutrition is responsible for Everlastings that look full, tall and bright. Soil nutrition is also responsible for wheat crops that look healthy and yield well. The formula is the same, they require potassium and nitrogen and a small amount of phosphorus to grow their best. Most native plants love potassium and nitrogen so these are two elements you really require.
It is best to plant your Everlastings into your well prepared soil. Plant your seed with a little amount of fertiliser, calculate the correct amount, as too much can lead to fertiliser toxicity. Dig the fertiliser into the top 5 cm of the soil for vigorous germination and to get the best start for the crop.
At about the six-week stage after planting, Everlastings will be starting to grow quite vigorously, requiring a top-up in nutrition. It is a good time to add some nitrogen at this point. This will ensure a good display in the spring, of nice tall, plump flowers with bright blooms. The nitrogen should be in the form of Urea, or a form from your Nursery or Garden Centre. Don’t put it on too late otherwise it won’t add to the everlasting plant at all.