A beautiful garden is easy with Everlastings!

Everlastings – so easy!

Everlastings are self-seeding annuals and will last for several years once planted. They are waterwise and will suit any climate, being frost and drought tolerant.

All you have to do is scatter the seeds! Easy!

Great for garden beds, potplants, driveways, road verges and they can even be used for fundraisers!!


“I love these plants for adding colour to my garden. So easy!”

“These flowers are so easy to grow!”

“I don’t have a garden, but my pot plants with everlastings are incredible.”

“A fantastic school fundraiser!”

“My everlastings were planted five years ago, and still look amazing!”

“I have an elegant, stylish garden and everlastings add an extra vibrance.”

“We just love the flowers, so beautiful! They last forever in a vase.”