About us

Lucinda’s Everlastings was inspired by the sheer beauty and simplicity of the everlasting flower. It is a flower that is iconic to Australia, attracting thousands of tourists to our country each year. Yet ironically, it is commercially inaccessible to the average Australian gardener, except in packets too small to service any substantial area.

This was the trigger for the formation of Lucinda’s Everlastings. It was our aim to firstly ‘showcase’ the everlasting flower, making the seed more accessible to home gardeners, tourists and seed supply companies. And secondly, it was our aim to allow gardeners to ‘see’ the interesting and unique fluffy white seed, characteristic to the flower, by packaging the seed with a see-through theme.

2004 marked the creation of Lucinda’s Everlastings, by Rob and Jen Warburton, and their two daughters Lucinda and Zara. It was an idea which led to diversification, and offered an exiting new industry, complimenting the already existing cropping and sheep enterprises on their farm. Through our constant development, Lucinda’s Everlastings is providing reliable, bulk and boutique supplies of quality everlasting seed, with enthusiasm and interest!!!

Our Farm

We are fortunate to be farming in one of the most beautiful places in Western Australia, with big tall eucalypts and rolling hills making the south of Kojonup ideal for growing any number of agricultural products.

Whilst the Lucinda’s Everlastings business is a very bright and enjoyable element of our farm life, we also run a very intensive farming enterprise, producing sheep for both wool and meat, and grains, including Canola, Barley and Wheat. All of
these products are used both locally and internationally and are highly regarded for their clean green production.

Landcare is very important element of our farming system and we have returned much of the previous grazing land to native vegetation and have fenced off and revegetated all of the waterways on our property. In the middle of our property rests 100 hectares of untouched native bush, full of rare wildflowers and native animals; we regularly enjoy bushwalks and relax in the surroundings.

This work has been recognised by the awards of Winner of the Western Australian Primary Producer Landcare Award (2009), Runner-up Great Southern
Development Commission Medal in Natural Resource Management and Finalist in the National Landcare Awards (2010).

We believe that caring for our land should be foremost in every decision, and in 2011 we incorporated the use of Everlastings into a wheat crop rotation by
lining the outside of our paddocks with the flowers. We are hoping that this method of incorporating biological diversity within a paddock will encourage a
biological method of eliminating harmful insects, diseases and mildews within our crops, eliminating such reliance on chemical control.