Help support your school or club, join in to raise funds, whilst supplying chocolate-free gifts, and gardening packages to parents and friends of your community. Download the following files for  your school or club. We have also included a recording sheet for your sales.

“This is the best fundraiser ever! I was so happy with it all, and it was super easy and really popular. Almost everyone wanted to grow Everlastings in their gardens! Most importantly, we made lots of money for our school!”

Alice Leavy, Yallingup Steiner School P&C president 2020.

FIVE easy steps to successful Fundraising

There are FIVE easy steps to successful Fundraising with Lucinda’s Everlastings:

  1. Download the relevant form from our website.
  2. Add the name of your school or club in the section highlighted.
  3. Place the date when you would like fundraiser forms and money returned, and add the person responsible for collection.
  4. Tally the total number of packets wanted.
  5. Let Lucinda’s Everlastings ( know the numbers, and postage will occur the next day! With a free packet of seed for your club / school!