Raise money for your school or club with Everlasting seeds! 

Everlasting flowers are beautiful, easy to plant (with 100% germination rate), water-wise, bold, beautiful and they’re an Australian native flower. The seed packets make a perfect fundraising gift. Your school will receive 50% of all money raised through your fundraising drive. Your friends and community will love these chocolate-free gifts and gardening packages.

It’s easy to get started. Simply download the relevant order form for your school or club, fill it in and return to us. We have also included a recording sheet where you and your friends can record your sales.

“This is the best fundraiser ever! I was so happy with it all, and it was super easy and really popular. Almost everyone wanted to grow Everlastings in their gardens! Most importantly, we made lots of money for our school!”

Alice Leavy, Yallingup Steiner School P&C president 2020.

THREE easy steps to successful Fundraising

Fundraising is easy with Lucinda’s Everlastings!

Your school will keep 50% of all sales made, making it an easy and fun way to raise money.

All you need to do is nominate a fundraising organiser to coordinate your fundraising drive. Your nominated organiser can then follow these three simple steps:

  1. Download and print out your Sales Recording Sheets and distribute them to your team/class so they can begin the fundraising drive. Make sure you give them an end date when you would like the forms and money returned.
  2.  When you’ve received all the forms from your team/class, download the relevant Order Form (School Fundraising or Club Fundraising) and fill it in with the total number of packets you need.
  3. Send your order form to Jen at Lucinda’s Everlastings ( and we’ll mail the seeds to you the next day (with a free packet of seed for your club or school!). We’ll send a 30 day invoice with your order (which will amount to 50% of your sales) to cover the cost of the seed. And you get to keep the other 50% for your school or club!

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