TIP #5 Everlastings like a crumby soil!

A soil that is not compacted is friable (crumbly) and is the main reason for productive Everlasting growth and establishment. Friable soils have better aeration, allowing the roots to explore to access nutrients and moisture freely.

If your Everlastings are short and stunted, soil compaction may be an issue. To facilitate this problem, you may like to;

– till the soil with a shovel or rotary hoe

– apply gypsum

– add organic matter or mulch such as pea hay

– reduce traffic over the garden

– grow a deep-rooted plant for a year or over the summer break

Soil compaction generally applies more to clay-based soils, thus the reason everlastings are suited more to sandy/loamy soils.

If your only option for growing Everlastings is clay, try the amelioration methods above!