Tip #6. How thick should I plant?

It is recommended to plant at the rate of 1 g/ 1 m². This allows for perfect plant competition, shading, access to nutrition and water, and the density for the visual appearance of this site. If sowing a pot plant, just a pinch is enough, as too many seeds may dehydrate the pot plant causing moisture stress during a hot day.
Following a crop of Everlastings, the seed will fall to the ground of course, and the following year produce a very thick stand of flowers. This will remain for several years, and then dissipate from the influence either ants taking the seed away, wind blowing the seed away, or the allelopathic effect of the toxicity in the soil. For this reason, the Everlasting plant is often termed the ‘seven-year’ daisy. Sometimes it says “I have given you seven years of joy… I don’t want to grow here any more!”  In this situation, renovate the soil… add fertiliser, use a rotary hoe, change the soil situation and try again!