Tip #7 Mulch

Everlastings, like all plants, would also prefer protection from various harsh weather events, thus appreciate some pea hay, or mulch. Everlastings should either be planted on top of the soil surface, or gently raked in, but not buried. Mulch can then be placed very lightly on top of the Everlastings, being very careful not to smother them so they do not receive any light. It might also be an idea to throw them on top of the mulch, being aware that contact with soil is necessary for growth. You may then like to gently rake over the mulch, or water them in, so the everlasting seed falls through the mulch for seed – soil contact.

The type of mulch used is not critical as the main purpose is for protection against harsh elements, and Everlastings are quite tolerant to most soil properties, such as alkalinity or acidity.

Mulch is also useful for keeping the Everlastings where you sowed them. As much as an everlasting seed has a ‘tentacle-like’ seed covering to hold them to the ground, a very strong wind may carry them away without the stability of the mulch.