Planting in June brings Spring blooms!

Planting in June brings Spring blooms!

Hello! Just checking in, to remind you that it is PERFECT timing to plant your Everlastings NOW, up until August! Don’t be scared, plant your seeds NOW!!! Click here for your seeds!

In May we ran a competition to give away FIVE 20g packets of Everlastings and are now very happy to congratulate our winners ~
Melinda Hutchinson, Wyalkatchem
Lucinda Liddlelow, Mingenew
Ben Stricky, Dalwallinu
Barbara Connell, Aubin Grove
Siaolin Kek, Applecross

We’d love to see some photos of your Everlastings come Spring!

This month we want to share some helpful tips for managing a garden of Everlastings as well as give you a few other updates on what’s been happening at our end. Enjoy!

2021 Everlastings | Today we’ve been seeding this years’ Pink & White’s and Golden Everlastings

Our 4 hectare paddock produced lots of wonderful seed last year, and we are planting them in the in the same spot again, not normally something we would do with our wheat and canola crops due to disease pressures. The site has already been sprayed twice, so the weed control is amazing. This is a photo just before spraying the entire crop out!

This is the view front of my house, planted with Everlastings. Seedlings at the moment, but will make a lovely backdrop in Spring 🌸
Benefits of owning an Everlasting Farm is that seed is not in short supply! These are planted WAY too thickly and will end up long and spindly. Don’t do the same! One gram per one metre squared!
It’s not too late to plant – need some help?
If you are after a few more pointers to ensure you will grow a bountiful plot of Everlastings, here are a few things to keep in mind…
  1. Deter the weeds with a herbicide (like glyphosate), or pull the weeds out by hand
  2. Throw the seeds onto the soils surface and gently rake or water them in
  3. Sow at 1 gram per 1 metre squared. This won’t overcrowd the seeds, so the display will be well spread out
  4. Everlasting seeds love full or speckled sunlight
  5. Remember that Everlastings grow in the wild without additional fertiliser, so feel free to add some or just let them grow naturally
  6. Finally, pests! You can try a beer trap – pour a little beer into a bowl and leave it in the garden. This will keep snails and slugs at bay or use store bought repellants of your choice

Check out our ‘how to grow everlastings’ downloadable PDF online. Pop it on your fridge and you’ll be a pro with Everlastings in no time!

June on the farm | Seeding has halted as it’s too wet! This picture is of a neighbour in Kojonup, not us thankfully!

We were lucky to have 95mm of rain on 12th April, however this was followed by another huge downpour. This has made accessing the land difficult, and seeding has had to stop until the soil dries out. The crops we have planted are looking great, although the lower lying areas will be a little waterlogged.
‘Farmers…if it’s not enough rain, it’s too much!!’

On our farm we plant wheat, oats and barley and these are used in making edible products for human consumption, like bread, cereals, porridge and beer.
We also grow lupins for feeding our sheep. They help our ewes become more fertile and increase our lambing percent. We also like to rotate lupin crops, planting them in underperforming paddocks, as they add a hit of nitrogen to the soil, which is great for adding biomass and yield.

Want to ask us about farming? Send us your questions here.

This is Sam, he is our pet sheep, enjoying a good scratch behind his ear. He is an Orange tagger, which means he is 11 years old. Sheep live until they are 20, but usually sold before the age of 5 as a productive animal. Not Sam as we love him.
Cashew is also spoilt by Bianca who is staying with us and lives in the Swan Valley. Here he is having a cup of tea, and will then sleep on a woollen rug knitted by Grandma. 
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Happy planting,
Lucinda & Zara x